NRA Show 2017 Media Stage

Missed out on the biggest restaurant, foodservice and trade gathering of the year? Have no fear, Foodable was there! Don't miss the best coverage from the NRA Show 2017. Foodable, in partnership with IFMA, will be sharing select sessions from our Media Stage. Come watch us as we sit with the best of the best to talk emerging trends, the latest on beverage, the future of food and more! Stay tuned as the sessions are being added.

Learn more about the Supply Chain Optimization (SCO) collaborative program and how it benefits operators. 

IFMA & Datassential started the Consumer Planning Program to help operators connect and engage better with their guests.


IFMA Media Partnership

Through the Foodable Network and IFMA partnership, our objective is to provide manufacturers a year-round, integrated content platform that brings thought leadership, new media content and education to more than 6.4 million foodservice operators in the U.S., all for the ultimate goal of enhancing the consumers’ foodservice choice. This platform will:

  • Communicate the manufacturers’ messaging through integrated multi-media content, including video, data and editorial formats in the most cost-efficient manner.

  • Directly connect the manufacturers to the foodservice operators and purchasing decision-makers.

  • Be a channel for manufacturers to provide added value and garner loyalty to their end users through education, business insights, news and entertainment with foodservice's No. 1 trusted media source.



Branded & Custom Content

Video and editorial content are some of the most powerful messaging tools. The Foodable and IFMA partnership brings together the key elements to make custom content amazing. Education and subject matter knowledge are critical. Along with targeted media distribution to the largest audience in foodservice today, these are the magic elements that make this program a must-have in your messaging plan.

Distributed Content

We go way beyond the website. Foodable is the largest distributed content provider in foodservice with over 100 related media partnerships for delivery of our content. Digital publishers, on demand networks, podcast networks, social media integration and now even major TV distribution are all designed to reach a targeted foodservice audience specific to your product or service.


Our local content platform "REACH" (Restaurant, Entertainment and City Hospitality) is the new go-to hub for local insights on what's happening in top food cities. Targeted at local brands, chefs and independents, REACH is designed to tell your story and connect your brand at the local level. Operator direct is the new future of foodservice, and REACH brings it right to your doorstep. This program includes local targeting, local-level content integration, product placement and branded content platforms.

Foodable Social Insights

With the largest operator and consumer social index in foodservice, our partnership brings a new layer of understanding for your product sectors for both end user and direct-to-operator advantages. With more than 200 million consumers and 175,000 restaurant entities, this technology is the most comprehensive data index available today. 

This technology brings you:

  • Targeted trends by sector and demographic
  • Consumer-level interest trends
  • Location-based analytics, including social restaurant traffic
  • Cross-competitive brand analytics
  • Direct targeting capability to reach operators in local-level markets with social messaging
  • Direct targeted content delivery — Get your content in front of your perfect audience profile

MediaMatch & Beacons

This is where the magic begins. Close the loop in your marketing messaging with the ability to determine if your product and services are driving visits to restaurant operations worldwide. VenueBeacon, our patent-pending technology, provides a new layer of mobile analytics that connect consumers to restaurant brands and restaurant brands to your products.

Get involved now. Limited partnerships and exclusive programs are available for IFMA Members.