Kaitlyn Flanagan

Account Executive

Kaitlyn Flanagan, known in broadcast as “Kait Flan,” is a natural-born people-person. Her love for travel and experiencing new cultures has brought her unique sales success both in the U.S. and in Europe. This Boston native currently resides in South Florida, and her Italian blood makes her a natural foodie. Graduating with a degree in communications and broadcast media, her networking abilities has opened many doors for her in the media industry, which is now her second home. Her driven and feisty personality has landed her roles in business development and as a broadcast talent, while her creativity contributed to the growth and success of a handful of startups in the past. Now as a part of the Foodable team, she hopes to generate business on a local city spectrum. While very opinionated, she finds that staying open-minded is the key to achieving the best possible result for her clients.

Fun facts:

  • Huge dog lover.
  • Never commits to coloring strictly within the lines.
  • Believes anything with cheese will do.