Kerri Adams


Kerri is an editor/ event outreach coordinator/ other roles at Foodable. This Northeast foodie turned South Florida resident, graduated from her university with a double major in English Literature and Communications. Post graduation, she worked for a popular local blog as a freelance editor, writer and social media consultant. She relocated to South Florida and ventured into the corporate kingdom as a Marketing Manager. Despite orchestrating the wholesale re-branding of a multi-million dollar company, she decided to return to her blogging roots. She joined the Foodable team in August 2014 as the managing editor, but after a beautiful year at the company she ventured elsewhere. She couldn't stay away for too long though and still has a few roles at Foodable where she combines her love for food and writing. 

  • Food is the first thing she thinks about when she wakes up and the last thing she thinks about before bed

  • Obsessed with fast casual restaurants

  • Self-acclaimed cat lady

  • Dressed as Disney characters all throughout her youth and insisted strangers refer to her by her “real” name, Ariel.