Layla Harrison

Social Producer / Host

Layla Harrison is a host and event coordinator at Foodable. After graduating from college with a degree in Marketing Management, Layla chose South Florida as her new home, because she loves the culture and diversity (especially when it comes to the culinary scene).

Before joining the Foodable team, she worked with a non-profit organization working as an event planner, where not only did she organize high-scale events, but also worked simultaneously to meet the demands of over 50 sponsors. Her experience, along with her extensive involvement in the performing arts industry, naturally led her to fill the same high-energy, creative role with Foodable.

As much as Layla prides herself on being a “foodie” she also enjoys working as a Pure Barre fitness expert and has been teaching classes for almost three years. Layla is very excited to be working so closely in many areas she feels passionate about.