Leadership Cookbook

This series features chapters with advice and research about principle topics pertaining to the restaurant industry from expert, Rudy Miick. Each available in PDF format. Check back every month for new installments of the Leadership Cookbook.

Chapter 1: Five Core Truths of Hiring

Chapter 2: Ten Pitfalls to Avoid When Opening Your Restaurant

Chapter 3: Three Rules That Create A Great Partnership

Chapter 4: Training for 90% Retention!

Chapter 5: The Most Effective Feedback for your Employees

The Real Potential of Inventory Management

Chapter 6: The Real Potential of Inventory Management

Chapter 7: The Miick Method©

Chapter 8: How to Make an Angry Guest a Fan!


Author's Bio

Rudy Miick is known for building restaurant brands from the inside-out, working with executives and teams to define excellence in every aspect of business culture and team performance. Miick taught at UCLA Extension for 13 years, where he led the hospitality management school. In more than 452 restaurant start-ups and 1653 clients, Rudy’s never had a losing project. His success has been consistent in a myriad of industries: restaurants, hospitality, resorts, manufacturing, retail, film, and more.