London Union Wants to Change the Model of Street Food Markets

Investing in a food business is often risky. But with already 21 investors, an upcoming, ongoing London Union project is sure to be promising. Celebrity culinary stars including Jamie Oliver, Yotam Ottolenghi, and Nigella Lawson are banking on it (quite literally). 

The three are helping to back the project, which aims to roll out a bevy of food markets across London (16, reportedly) within the next five years. Add two fully capable food entrepreneurs behind it — Henry Dimbleby of Leon restaurants and Jonathan Downey of Milk & Honey — plus 33 street food vendors, and you’ve got yourself a solid equation.

Popups and street food have been highly popular “trends” in several markets, and London is no exception. But we have been seeing more than a few mobile concepts take more solid footing by converting their less-overhead upstarts into more static, brick-and-mortar formats. And that is what London Union hopes to do, too.

Rather than give consumers something temporary, London Union is ready to disperse throughout London a more sustainable model for street food. How will this new model fare for operators, chefs, and foodies alike? Will sourcing become a nightmare for scaling fresh ingredients? Read More