Behind the Scenes at the British Street Food Awards

Many attribute Los Angeles as the birthplace of the U.S. mobile food truck phenomenon. Aside from traditional Mexican-American-run trucks called loncheras, the first notable food truck on record in the States that ultimately sparked the food truck revolution was Roy Choi’s Kogi in 2008.

Soon after, food truck communities started popping up in cities throughout the country. It was this progression of good quality food meets cheap, affordable prices that put modern street food on the map. And, in the earlier days of food truck adoption, it’s what got the wheels turning for better street food across the pond.

“I came back to London thinking, ‘Why can’t we do the wonderful street food stalls that I’d seen in the Far East, especially in New York?’,” says British food journalist and broadcaster Richard Johnson. “That was my epiphany.”

Pulling inspiration from his travels, Johnson founded the British Street Food Awards in 2009. In this “On Foodable Side Dish,” we bring viewers into the 2015 Awards and take a deeper look into how far U.K.’s street food scene has evolved over the years.