How This App is Combating Food Waste

A consistent influx of food waste is an inevitable problem for a restaurant.

An estimated 30-40 % of the food supply is food waste, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. But this isn’t just a problem in the US, it impacts restaurants all over the world.

Not to mention, the leftover food from restaurants is often perfectly edible and it’s just thrown in the trash.

To combat this problem, the mobile app Too Good to Go is connecting hungry consumers in British cities to purchase leftovers from restaurants for less.

Not only does this app help the restaurant dispose of the extra food, but it helps find those in need get a tasty meal.

Over 170 restaurants, café and bakeries are offering food on the app. The cost is £2 ($1.29) to £3.80 ($4.90) per meal and the buyer has to collect the food an hour before the restaurant’s closing time.

The Too Good to Go app launched in Denmark at the end of last year. It has quickly gained momentum and now it’s available in major UK cities like 2015

"We're trying to highlight that food waste is not actually waste at all … and place a value on food as something that should be eaten and not thrown away," said Chris Wilson, co-founder of Too Good To Go on CNBC's "The Rundown."[Restaurants across the U.K.] are throwing out over 600,000 tons of edible food each year, that's something we're trying to raise awareness of.”

Do you think this app will take off? Why does the industry need a service like this? 

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