3D Printing Restaurant Promises World Tour

3D Printing

In April, the Netherlands became home to what is being called “the world’s first” 3D printing restaurant. The pop up will next appear in London at the end of July before taking on a world tour.

Food Ink., as the restaurant is aptly name, describes the scene guests will experience in London: a nine-course dinner that is “3D-printed live by an international team of chefs, artists and technologists,” according to its website, as well as utensils and furniture (from stools to lamps), which will also be produced through 3D printing.

The concept of edible food from a 3D printer is definitely difficult to get one’s head around, but picture this from the London menu — fish and chips: “toasted seaweed with computer-chip circuit patterns 3D-printed out of kimchi fish mayonnaise.” The inventors call it “an iconic British dish reinvented for the digital generation.”

For those who might miss the event July 25 through July 27 (the gathering is exclusive, limited to just 10 guests at the 3D-printed dinner table), it will also be live streamed over the internet.

This London stop, coined by the company as the “world premiere,” capitalizes on the success of Venlo, Netherlands.

The pop up is promising a “world tour” later this year. Look out Austin, Los Angeles, Rome, Berlin, Dubai, Seoul, Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Toronto, NYC, Taipei, Las Vegas, Sao Paolo, Tokyo, Singapore, Cape Town, Sydney, and Reykjavik. Read more