Keeping Up Appearances: London’s Global Food Rep

Plated Food

Restaurant tourism in London is on the rise, putting London’s restaurants right smack in the middle of a “boom time,” according to an essay on But the city’s food scene faces challenges and cannot risk becoming complacent.

According to Code Hospitality News Forum’s Adam Hyman, the city "has so much diversity; it's culturally rich and is still a financial centre...10 years ago the food wasn't great but it has upped its game."

Celebrity chefs and restaurateurs, as well as social media, have raised London’s restaurant profile, but has taken a hard hit on rental rates, causing many restaurants and guests to head out of the West End to more affordable locations like Woodford and East Dulwich.

As it becomes more difficult for restaurants to make money in London, they also struggle with finding and retaining good people. It doesn’t help that restaurant wages in London don’t pay the bills due to the high cost of living.

To help maintain London’s global reputation as a restaurant capital, chef Dan Doherty of Duck & Waffle, has launched a network called Chefs of Tomorrow to connect young people with others in the industry, thereby encouraging them to get into the restaurant trade and learn how to run an establishment. Read more