Why London Chefs Turn to The Ginger Pig for Their Meat

Butcher Meat

Ginger Pig butcher shops are well-known throughout all of London. How did they manage to become so legendary?

What started out as a tiny business now boasts seven shops across London where there is a strong local demand and expect to open an eighth location soon. Twenty-plus years ago, the farm had only three Tamworth pigs. Today, that operation has grown to 3,000 acres and a network of farmers that also help supply the Ginger Pig’s London butchers’ shops (for example, corn fed chickens for Leicestershire). The butcher boasts “good animal husbandry and welfare” and “livestock that is looked after well in the field” so it “tastes better on the plate.”

The Ginger Pig supplies everything from T-bone steak and ribs to bacon and sausage to 40 London restaurants (Ginger Pig’s two biggest clients are Hawksmoor and Honest Burgers). And their experts offer 450 butchery classes a year.

A loyal, skilled, and experienced staff also helps.

“It's hard work, but all the guys have been working with us for years,” health and safety manager Andy Woolcott told Foodism. “I started making sausages when I was 14 years old, then I left school and have been a butcher ever since. We now have ten butchers and three bakers, and if something needs doing, we do it.” Read more