Why London’s Food Truck Market Shows No Sign of Stopping

Food trucks

London food markets have reinvented themselves, and street food is playing a major role.

Since the 2008 financial crisis, food trucks have become a much more economical means of getting into the food and restaurant business.

"Trucks serving food were a cheaper option to opening a restaurant in London, where rents are exorbitant," Philip Bell, manager of Belpassi Bros, an Italian food truck at Old Spitalfields, told South China Morning Post. "As a result, they became all the rage because people were doing good-quality, home-made-style food at affordable prices."

The reasons are multiple. First, there is no limit on the number of food trucks in London at this point. Second, set up costs are minimal. A used camper fitted with a kitchen can run about £30,000 total. Third, the registration process is simple. All that is needed is a business license, insurance, and registration with the local council. Then, a health and safety inspection and the truck can be perched virtually anywhere, without restrictions to the menu, which can be changed an infinite number of times, any time.

Councils or private agencies running and maintaining the London food truck markets charge between just £75 a day and £2,000 a month. Read more