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Is Bad Visual Branding Turning Away Potential Customers? Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes

Your brand identity is often the first touchpoint with potential customers. Before they taste your food, experience your service, or step foot in your environment, they will see your branding. Your exterior signage, website, and social media presence are often the first encounters with your brand. They will form an opinion from that first impression

Marketing Tips From Cici's Pizza and Tijuana Flats

In this "On Foodable Insight Series" episode, join Foodable's Director of Marketing, Chelsea Keenan, as she sits down with two marketing mavens: Chief Marketing Officer of Cici's Pizza, Sarah McAloon, who also formerly served as CMO for Sbarro and Media Director for Pizza Hut, and Tijuana Flats Senior Marketing Manager, Brandy Blackwell

Are You Sabotaging Your Own Success?

Things are going great for your restaurant. Then something bad happens. Maybe a one-star review on Yelp. Then your chef walks out. Then another thing. And another.  Now you’re stuck. It seems like no matter what you do, you just cannot seem to get out of this funk. You are in quicksand, and the more you fight, the more you sink.

How Creating a Customer Avatar Helps Your Marketing Spending

Knowing who your customers are is crucial to developing a marketing strategy that gives you a decent return on investment. A huge chunk of your marketing budget could be spent in the wrong place, on platforms not used by your customers, or on content your customers aren’t interested in and written in a way that doesn’t speak to your customer’s personality.

4 Tips on Local and Community-Lead Marketing for Restaurants

With the emergence of social media and smartphone usage, the greater part of marketing efforts are nowadays focused online. Although online marketing can be extremely efficient when done right, it’s easy to get distracted with chasing likes and follows and overlook your core customer group — people who live and work in the vicinity of your restaurant.

Social Media Gone Sour: How to Recover From a Reputation Attack

For the small size of Canada, the number of foodservice operations is relatively large at 90,000. But as big as the industry is in Canada, the real jewels have, amazingly, been kept on the down-low. But that’s all changing.

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How to Define Your Restaurant's Value, Vision, Mission, and Culture Statements

By Doug Radkey, Foodable Industry Expert

The most influential decisions you will make for your restaurant will happen during the start-up phases. Before opening your restaurant startup, you need to determine your vision, mission, culture, and values. (Or if you're a restaurant veteran, consider if you need to amp up your already-existing value statements.) Understanding your goals and being able to state them clearly is the first step toward making them happen.

The definition of value is “the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.” For your restaurant or bar, it is a statement that informs not only your customers, but also your staff, about the business’ goals and what its core beliefs are.

Values and company culture coincide with determining your brand identity. Creating a value statement and building the foundation for culture within your concept will create consistency, accountability, and room for growth.

It’s a four-step process. To survive this cut-throat industry, each statement should be clear, powerful, and broad enough to guide your decision-making and help explain your restaurant’s intentions to consumers.


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