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Branding vs Design: Why Understanding the Difference Matters

What is branding? There is a lot of miscommunication around the word “brand.” Some design agencies further the confusion by claiming to do “branding” when they are really referring to logo design. So, to understand the difference between branding and design, we need to define “brand.”

How Chatbots are Revolutionizing Marketing Technology

While many may shy away from using bots in their business, Carrie explains how bots can improve the customer service experience– while also still maintaining that human touch. On this episode of Front of House, find out how to leverage chatbots to improve you restaurant's customer service. 

How to Build a Cost-Effective Marketing Plan: The Next Superstar Brand

On this episode of The Barron Report, we learn how Finnish craft vodka brand Koskenkorva is gaining traction in the United States. Marketing Director for father company Altia, Suvi Reinikkala, outlines the brands authentic nature and how that feature fits in so well in American culture.

Vegan Named the Top Trend of 2018 According to 80 Chefs

Vegan dishes are no longer attractive to eaters who only eat a vegetarian diet that excludes meat, eggs, dairy products and all other animal-derived ingredients. Meat-eaters are gravitating to vegan dishes too. These dishes are also much more sustainable, making them attractive to those eco-friendly diners. 

Coca-Cola Makes Push to Increase Digital Impulse Buys

A large percentage of Coca-Cola’s sales are from impulse buys, the brand is experimenting with ways to promote these actions digitally like by offering its beverages as pairings with meal kits and as a last-minute add-ons to voice-ordering systems. So far, investors are optimistic about the digitally-focused campaign. 

Foodable Labs Ranks Top Mezcal Brands

In the past 90 days, 328K beverage influencers have mentioned the spirit: Mezcal. Mezcal originates from Mexico and it’s made from the plant agave— just like tequila. What’s the difference between the two, you ask? Well, technically tequila is considered a type of mezcal but all mezcals are not the same as tequilas. 

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By Donald Burns, Industry Expert

Take a look at your Facebook feed and you will  see a world vying for your attention. The thing is you are trying to capture the attention of your current guests and even entice new guests to come for a visit too. Kind of a conundrum, huh?

Throw on top of that TV and radio commercials, then you have messages 24/7 out there. We all want to be seen. We all want your attention. If you don't want your share of the attention out there, never fear because others will gladly take your share.

So, how do you stand out? How do you get people to look at your restaurant? How do you make an impact in today's crowded marketing world?

Don’t fret, below are a few tips to help your brand shine in the Digital Age!


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