The Four Hotels Dominating the South Florida Scene

As we all know, South Florida is among an elite group of America’s premier destinations for travel, entertainment, and great cuisine. In fact, after New York City and Los Angeles, Miami ranks near the top of everyone’s “must-visit” lists. South Florida’s popularity is due to more than just the great weather (although that’s definitely a consideration)- Miami and the surrounding areas offer a wide variety of activities that make it an attractive destination for almost any kind of traveler.

One of the ways we measure the popularity of a city is through our Foodable Lab Super Influencers. Super Influencers are highly-rated influencers in the areas of food, travel and entertainment; basically, they’re the trendsetters. They have a direct impact on their audience and friends when it comes to deciding where to stay, where to enjoy a great meal, and where to hit the town. And by charting how many of our Super Influencers visited South Florida, we were able to come up with a list of the top four hotels in the area.

In the last 90 days, 19,629 Super Influencers visited the following four hotels. And while that may or may not seem like a lot, consider this: those Super Influencers have a combined direct-connected reach of 6.4 million foodies and travel & entertainment buffs. So when the Super Influencers talk, you’d better believe their audiences listen. Each of these hotels outshined the competition in one or more categories, and our Super Influencers’ ratings helped determine their overall ranking (and their biggest strength).

Without further ado, here is our list of the four hotels dominating the South Florida scene.


Best Food & Service: Hotel Colonnade, Coral Gables (91.45)

First up is the Hotel Colonnade in Coral Gables. Located 10 minutes from the heart of Miami on Florida’s Miracle Mile, the Hotel Colonnade is a well-known and highly-regarded destination for travelers of all stripes. Since its creation in 1926, Hotel Colonnade has been a staple of the South Florida landscape, and given their long history of excellence, it’s no surprise the hotel has remained such a popular destination nearly 100 years later. The approach to the ambience is described as “a bold, stylish take on new-world elegance,” and it shines through in the elegant, understated décor. Whether you’re a South Florida newcomer or a native looking for a quiet weekend away, the layout is sure to amaze and inspire you.

If you’re the kind of traveler who likes to feel that your hotel is truly a home away from home on your journey, then the Hotel Colonnade is a perfect place for you. And if you’re looking for the kind of hotel that prides itself on its service and attention to detail, look no further- the staff are incredibly accommodating and friendly, and you’ll notice your every need being catered to during your stay.


Hippest Entertainment & Food Options: The Epic, Downtown Miami (95.43)

While many travelers prefer that their hotel become an extension of their home while they’re on the road, a lot of vacationers take a different approach. Namely, they want their hotel to be an extension of their adventures on the road. So it makes perfect sense that downtown Miami’s The Epic tops the list for its vast array of entertainment and food options. There is a ton to do both inside and outside of The Epic; in fact, if you wanted, you could have a memorable Miami vacation without ever setting foot outside of the hotel.

The Epic offers not one, not two, but three separate options for food and entertainment: Area 31, located on the 16th floor, offers a wonderful menu courtesy of Executive Chef Wolfgang Birk and panoramic views of downtown Miami. In the mood for modern Japanese cuisine? Head to Zuma Miami, run by Executive Chef Rainier Becker and well-known for its inventive approach to Japanese cuisine and its ground-floor views of Miami’s intricate waterways. And for a nightcap, you can head to Lilt, one of Miami’s premier nightlife destinations and a great place to see live shows while you sip handcrafted cocktails in this upscale lounge. 


Best Place to be Seen by Miami Influencers: The Betsy, South Beach (91.44)

Part of the appeal of the South Florida hotel landscape is the opportunity to see and be seen, and there’s no better place to get a taste of both than at The Betsy on South Beach. Located just steps from the Atlantic Ocean, guests are invited to let their worries wash away with the tides as they relax in style. 

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the beachfront location means you're out of the loop, though: The Betsy has a vibrant community of influencers, so you’re bound to run into your fair share of tastemakers during your stay. And with three restaurants and a bar on site, there are plenty of places to cross paths with the people who decide what (and where) will be The Next Big Thing.


Most Influencers Talking Food & Entertainment: Nautilus, South Beach (98.10)

While The Betsy is the best place in South Florida to run into influencers, Nautilus is the best place to hear from influencers about the restaurants and entertainment options that are capturing their interest. This 250-room oceanfront hotel offers a pool and a backyard, perfect places to mingle and hear from those in the know about the best places to eat and party before the word gets out to the general public. 

Think of it like being surrounded by a team of private concierges whose one job is to find and report on the places that are sure to be the talk of the town…before the town hears about them. Nautilus is a perfect option for the traveler who wants to experience the nightlife but doesn’t want to wait in line for a table at a packed, tourist-trap restaurant or make their way through a mass of people at an overhyped and crowded bar. Even our Super Influencers know it: Nautilus is the best place to stay on top of the trends in the food and entertainment scene.

So there you have it: the four hotels that are taking the South Florida scene by storm. No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it at one of these establishments, so it’s no surprise that they’re the most popular destinations in South Florida. So the next time you’re planning a trip, make sure you book your stay at one of these four hotels — if you do, you’re sure to have a vacation that’s worth writing home about.