Museum of Ice Cream: Instagram Heaven for Miami Ice Cream Lovers

The Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC) is everything you never knew you wanted in the ice cream world of your dreams. 

The exhibit, located in Miami Beach, is the fourth one for co-founders Maryellis Bunn and Manish Vora. Thanks to their cult-like following and found-success in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York, the duo finally made its way to the Magic City.

Celebrities like Beyoncé and Gwen Stefani have furthered the museum's popularity by sharing the experience on their social media accounts. Even if you've visited the museum elsewhere, each city expresses its own culture and identity— no exhibit is the same. 

The Miami location is made up of several rooms, each with a unique flair indicative of the "305." As you make your way through the Willy Wonka-styled tour expect to hear and speak ice cream lingo (as well as, create an ice cream alter-ego for yourself), shake your "Bunns," and savor sweets along the way. 


Although every stop is whimsical, two are the epitome of juvenescence. Most notably, the "Jungle Room" adorned with golden palm trees and a rideable banana swing. (Insider tip: don't forget to climb through the secret passage into the land of glimmering coconuts.)

The pièce de résistance goes to the sprinkle pool. It's the final room on the tour and it houses an Art Deco-style swimming pool filled to the rim with rainbow sprinkles. There's something so therapeutic about being knee deep in plastic candy, it feeds the soul; instant euphoria that offers a nostalgic high.


After your intense selfie marathon, check out the MOIC's gift shop. The boutique is stocked with ice cream memorabilia and hand-made products from local vendors that solidify the whole experience . I took home a pair of ice cream tassel earrings, curated just for the Miami location by a local designer. 

The museum officially opens December 13th. Tickets can be purchased through their website for $38.