Feel at Home in ‘80s-Themed Milkshake Bar, Vicky’s House

As the unicorn frappe (and its “basic bitch” novelty) began to fizzle, I stumbled upon an even more whimsical dainty called the “Golden Girls,” a banana milkshake crowned with cream cheese frosting and a Golden Graham cereal rim, a dollop of fresh-whipped cream with a gooey homemade Blondie, Twinkie, and vanilla wafer nestled on top.

Not to mention, the Golden Girls themselves! Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia, and Rose all make a guest appearance on your plate — because why the hell not? This bodacious scoop of ‘80s nostalgia can be found at Vicky’s House in Coconut Grove, the easiest way to time travel sans flux capacitor.

Matthew Kuscher, “Kush” of Kush Hospitality and the revered concepts LoKal and Kush, has successfully translated his childhood memories into a 12-person milkshake bar, a carbon copy of his mother’s kitchen circa 1986. From the retro wallpaper to the Galaga arcade, every piece of Vicky’s House is purposefully placed to ignite something familiar, something magical — and that’s exactly what it does! Whether it be the sugar high or flashbacks from the first time you got high, Vicky’s House creates wonderment in the most mundane of days.

Video Courtesy of Elena Vivas

Past the phone booth entry, you can see the shop girls spinning away on vintage mixers, Billy Idol serves as your montage soundtrack, and cold PBRs can be found resting in the washing machine. Yup, it’s genius. Take a seat at the bar or chill out in the wood-paneled living room stocked with video games.

Albeit the “Golden Girls” is house favorite, the “Breakfast Club” comes in as a close second. The classic vanilla milkshake rimmed with peanut butter, Captain Crunch cereal, whipped cream, maple syrup, a shot of espresso (just close of overkill), and a glazed donut from The Salty Donut.

Are you a chocolate lover? Eighties film buff? Opt for “E.T. goes to the movies to watch The Goonies.” The chocolate shake is hand-spun with Dasher & Crank’s Milk Dud and buttered popcorn ice cream, rimmed with chocolate frosting and caramel popcorn, whipped cream, Hershey’s syrup, and showered with Reese’s Pieces, Baby Ruth, and cola gummies. Goonies fans, prepare to do the truffle shuffle after this one!

The shop also offers ice cream sandwiches made in conjunction with the Wynwood Parlor, ice cream floats, and of course, a decent beer selection. They also host a monthly tasting the first Wednesday of the month, where they collaborate with other local businesses and create unique menu items. Vicky’s House is a must for valley girls, yuppies, Michael Jackson impersonators, and anyone who appreciates the sweeter side of life.

A special thank you to Matt Kuscher for showing us around. Make sure to follow their social media handles for updates and events.