Miami’s First Beach Chair Food Delivery Is Here: Q&A With EazyO App Founder Brett Benza

Photo courtesy of The Dana Agency

Photo courtesy of The Dana Agency

Today’s consumers have a plethora of choices when it comes to on-demand dining thanks to food delivery apps like GrubHub and UberEats. From casual Chinese takeout to an upscale steak dinner and even late-night sweets, there are few cravings you can’t satisfy in minutes with a few clicks on your phone. The only catch, you generally have to be located at a physical address like a home or an office – until now.

The new EazyO app is changing the way people enjoy beach days in Miami. The city’s first beach chair food delivery service is now offering customers the opportunity to order lunch, beverages and cocktails conveniently from their cellphones for delivery directly to their beach/pool chair or towel. Sun bathers will no longer have to flag down a server, wait for a check or stand in a queue at a kiosk, and restaurants just got access to a much larger customer pool.

The way it works is simple: App users can download EazyO for free and enter their payment information upon registration. The app uses geolocation to identify the respective resort, then provides the menu, photos, prices, descriptions and average wait times. EazyO then pinpoints the guest location for delivery. The app also offers a shopping experience for beach supplies such as sunscreen and hats all available for purchase via mobile payments.

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We recently chatted with EazyO app founder Brett Benza, a veteran in the financial industry with over 28 years of experience building brands, to learn more about his partnership with Boucher Brothers, one of the leading hospitality management companies in Florida. Together, they’re working together to bring EazyO to Boucher Brothers locations at public beach concessions, as well as marquee hotels including Fontainebleau Miami Beach, the Boca Raton Resort and Club, a Waldorf Astoria property, The Raleigh Miami Beach, Boca Beach Club and Naples Grand Beach Resort.

FoodableTV: Explain the concept of EazyO and how it works, specifically how is this app different from other delivery apps on the market.

Benza: EazyO is a smartphone application that works with resort pool/ beach food and beverage operations to allow guests to order and pay from their phones. These large geographic areas can be very challenging to service. Many times guests become frustrated because they can’t order with the frequency they would like. EazyO allows guests to expedite the ordering process enhancing the guest experience. No more waiting for a server or a check. EazyO app is the first app working with geo location for large public beaches and resorts.

FoodableTV: How was the idea of EazyO born?                        

Benza: The idea of EazyO was born right on Miami Beach . After visiting many resorts, it became clear they all have the same inefficiencies with regard to their beach and pool service. It's impossible to do a good job with everyone so spread out on such a large area.

FoodableTV: What’s the one thing customers like most about using EazyO?                

Benza: They love the ability to control the order process. Speed inn an amenity when you're on vacation is ideal and EazyO speeds the process up tremendously.

FoodableTV: What are three of the biggest benefits for the hotels/restaurants who participate in EazyO?                    

Benza: EazyO allows our partners to offer an ordering option to their guests. It also helps them with staffing and menu flexibility. They can now run special menus for happy hours or drinks whenever they want. The app never calls in sick so when an unexpected large party comes in on a slow day they are covered.

FoodableTV: How do you think on-demand food delivery is changing the landscape of the food and beverage industry?                    

Benza: People want what they want when they want it. The guest is being trained daily from apps like Uber, Open Table, and Instacart. They have all changed the way we manage our lives. Food ordering apps are opening an entirely new line of opportunities for brick and mortar businesses that don't physically have to have a guest on site.

FoodableTV: What do you think is the one thing entrepreneurs need to be successful in today’s hospitality industry?

Benza: Stay focused on solving a problem and do that better than anyone else. Our sole focus for EazyO is helping the guest have a better ordering experience when they are relaxing. If we do that well, thaen everything else will take care of itself.

FoodableTV: When it comes to food, what’s your go-to meal?    
Benza: Fish tacos and a cold beer. Our partners have great offerings.

FoodableTV: If you could have a cocktail with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?            

Benza: Elon Musk , who wouldn't want to have a tequila with him?