More Than a Starbucks: Cafés Elevating the Coffee Scene in Broward

The coffee trend is on the rise all over the nation. Just in Broward county, there are 20+ Starbucks stores.

Who doesn’t love a PSL? (Pumpkin Spice Latte) But, this national coffee chain isn’t the only concept on the rise in the area. 

There is now an array of other spots in Broward to get a tasty caffeinated coffee that offer much more than just beverages. 

Since coffee shops or coffeehouses where first introduced in Europe during the 17th century, they were always places to relax, learn, work, read, and meet others. Often they provide more than coffee and a warm inviting atmosphere, they usually have serve snacks or baked goods. 

But what sets each coffee shop apart from the others is their style. With that in mind, here are a few Broward gems, each with their own flair elevating the coffee scene. 

The Grind Coffee Project

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The owners of this coffee shop are on a mission to create a coffee-centered community. They started as a mobile caffeine service on the patio of the speakeasylike cocktail lounge, Stache and then moved inside once it opened. 

Grind owner Yoni Martin was catering events with his pop-up café and shared the Stache space until opening the official Fort Lauderdale store.  

At the end of last year, the Fort Lauderdale location was renovated with a swanky warehouse feel with a comfortable patio. Attached to The Grind is the “Un-Office Office,” a CoLab workspace.

The coffee shop serves specially imported coffee beans from all over the world and the menu changes on a regular basis. However, it’s likely you will find Kuma, Panther, Ceremony, and Anodyne coffee selection. 

Popular mochas on the menu include the Nutella & Siracha and the Dark Chocolate & Balsamic. Candied bacon is often a fun topping incorporated in the beverages. There is also an array of baked goodies (many Vegan) for sale.

While the daytime is filled with those working away, there are events in the evening with live music and other food offerings. 

Address: 599 SW 2nd Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Ella's Café

A little west from Fort Lauderdale’s downtown area is the suburb Plantation and located in a shopping center is Ella’s Café.

From the outside, which only has a sign that says "Coffeehouse" above the door, it’s difficult to tell that there is a creatively decorated café shop.

Ella's owner, Jason Gol is a set designer for shows all over the world and the café reflects that. 

The panels on the walls are “all reclaimed wood. I had the lease for nine months before I opened the place. When I came in here, there was no plan, no architect, no designer. I just kind of came in and built the place,” said Gol to the “New Times.” 

The front of the store is light and airy, while the back of the store has a dimmed nook with a simulated fireplace. There is also a mini stage set up in the back for live music nights. 

But, a coffeehouse wouldn't be a coffeehouse without coffee. Gol worked with a local roaster in Hollywood to create a special coffee blend. It only took 45 tries.

Besides offering cozy aesthetics and caffeinated beverages topped with adorable foam designs, Ella's Café has more than just pastries. At the counter, next to the glass case with baked goodies, there are dishes on display showcasing the menu of the day. There are no traditional food menus, nor do you need one with the visual presentation.

The café was also named after Gol's daughter. As if the cafe could be more adorable. 

Address: 9743 W Broward Blvd, Plantation, FL 33324

Atelier3 Coffee Bar:

Right by young's circle in Hollywood, across from the local restaurant gem The Tispy Boar, is Atelier3. This café is known for its expresso beverages and chic and cozy atmosphere.

With comfortable furnishings throughout the spacious café, you can find a traditional wooden table or comfy big couch to enjoy your beverage or food. The front room feels like a living room, while the back room offers a more traditional table set-up.

There is also artwork everywhere, including a masterpiece on the roof, making it an ideal space to daydream. The plants sprinkled all over the space add to the comfortable vibe.

Besides serving a selection of hot and cold coffees, there is a limited selection of wine, sangrias, margaritas, and beers (usually local.) Then there is a small menu with a variety of sandwiches, empanadas and the popular menu item– the cheese plate. Like most coffee and tea shops, there are different pastries also available for purchase.  

For those who appreciate art, the café often has live painting and art show events, along with live music nights.   

Address: 1901 Harrison St #100, Hollywood, FL 33020