Little River Cooperative Farm Introduces "Chef Share" Program

Little River Cooperative  | Facebook

Little River Cooperative | Facebook

The Little River Cooperative, one of Miami's most noteworthy farms, has just introduced a 'Chef Share'  community supported agriculture program available to local Miami chefs. Hoping to encourage more chefs to work with local, sustainably grown produce, 'Chef Share' is a seasonal program that offers local chefs weekly deliveries of produce, fresh off the farm, alongside basic information about each of the ingredients. Produce includes traditional vegetables, such as leafy greens, rainbow carrots and heirloom tomatoes that chefs are familiar with, as well as some unique herbs, edible flowers, and other interesting root veggies.

Co-owner Tiffany Noe states that she began the program with partner Muriel Olivares in the hopes of educating local chefs about South Florida's unique growing seasons and showing them firsthand what ingredients grow when. In addition, the program has appealed to private chefs and catering companies who are also looking to work with more fresh, seasonal ingredients. Read More