The Healthy Drive-Thru Revolution

The Healthy Drive-Thru Revolution

By Adria Valdes Greenhauff, Editor-at-Large

Americans are used to a fast-paced way of life. In a society that thrives on being “busy,” the average American is spread thin, often putting work and social commitments before other necessities. So it comes as no surprise that as a culture, we’ve become obsessed with fast food over the last several decades. Today, “more than 160,000 fast- food restaurants feed more than 50 million Americans each and every day, generating sales of more than $110 billion dollars annually,” reports. Cheap and convenient, a traditional burger and fries has quickly become the go-to for the busy commuter trying to sneak in a quick bite in between meetings or before picking up the kids from school.

The only problem  fast food is extremely unhealthy and more people are starting to realize it.

Thanks to the Internet and popular documentaries like Fed Up and Fat Sick & Nearly Dead, we’ve become acutely aware of the correlation between diseases like cancer, diabetes and hypertension and the large amounts of processed (a.k.a. fast food) we consume. This has created the growing demand for more fresh food options that are also convenient, even if people have to pay a little more for it.

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