Foodable Spotlight – MICROS

MICROS, newly acquired by Oracle at $5.3 billion, has been a pioneer for point of service (POS) in foodservice for more than three decades. The mTablet is MICROS’s latest solution to the evolving landscape of mobility in foodservice.

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MICROS EXPOSÉ, PT. 3– The MICROS mTablet Enhances the Customer’s Dining Experience, while Evolving with the Restaurant's Operations 

The restaurants that are keeping up with the latest technology are the ones that are excelling in the industry today.

At the cutting edge of this era is MICROS, a software company that is revolutionizing the industry’s technology with user-friendly hand-held POS terminals. 

With the brand’s domain knowledge in restaurant hospitality, the MICROS mTablet is an advanced yet reliable product. This on-to-go product improves customer service, while simplifying operations.

Learn more about how this multi-purpose tablet exceeds expectations by offering the users a platform with a broad range of capabilities. 


PT. 1 The Future of Restaurant Tech 

Learn more about how POS technology has evolved throughout the years and what MICROS has done and continues to do to keep up with this progressive technology.

Pt. 2 mtablet increase speed of service

Learn more about how the MICROS mTablet may be just the device needed to further enhance businesses, whether it is a mobile food truck or traditional sit-down restaurant.