Watermelon Used Year-Round Adds Zest to Spring Chicken

You'll find watermelon every season at Spring Chicken, the fast casual baby sister of successful South Beach and Vegas concept Yardbird. In this episode of "Fast Casual Nation," brought to you by the National Watermelon Promotion Board, we sit down with the brains behind Spring Chicken and discover how the idea for this fast casual hatched up.

Is the Juicing Trend Here to Stay? How Concepts Are Profiting 

The healthy eating movement has influenced an array of trends and fads in the last five years. Some of these include the paleo diet, GMO-free foods, gluten-free foods, organic foods and most recently cold-pressed juice. Although the concept of “raw juice” is newer, juicing has been around since the 1970s. But starting in 2009, cold-pressed, raw juices became wildly popular

What Does 'Quality Ingredients' Mean? 3 Things to Consider

What does it mean when you use the term “quality ingredients”? Restaurants and brands toss the phrase everywhere on their menus and websites, but does that mean we buy the absolute best of everything? If not, why not? Quality is as subjective as flavor — but quality isn’t just throwing money at the most expensive ingredients. 

To Follow or Not to Follow a Trend? 4 Tips to Help You Decide

All trends seem to plateau sooner rather than later, but few ride along in full force before something takes its place or someone slanders its status. All types of foodservice outlets need to take note of trends and why they rise and fall. Quick-service, full service, fine dining, and caterers are all subjected to reviews as customers are quick to judge as soon as they read over your menu.

Cava Grill Shows Off Its Chops With Tasty Lamb Meatballs

The idea for Cava Grill stemmed from the full-service restaurant Cava Mezze, which was founded by three childhood friends aiming to provide high-quality Greek and Mediterranean cuisine to the modern consumer. Cava Grill, the fast-casual spinoff of Cava Mezze, has since exploded. Growing to over 25 units, Cava Grill is primed to be a breakout brand in fast casual. Chef Dimitri Moshovitis shares his tricks.

5 Tips on Engineering the Right Menu for  Your Restaurant

The restaurant menu is the singular most important element of any operation. Yet, it is often relegated to a half-hearted (or misguided) effort at best, and a comical jab at juggling food cost at worst. Where is the logic? Food is the product of any restaurant. So why give such little thought to the device that describes, sells, and advertises your product? Restaurants fail when they don't stick to their mission.

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No Rules in Dining: What Big Trends Will We See Next?

By Jim Berman, Foodable Industry Expert

Upscale chefs playing down-scale roles. Fast-fooding of the eclectic palate. What is next for this "No Rules" era of dining? Edison lights, shrunken menus, refreshingly loud music, and shareable plates are de rigueur. So, where are you going?

Breakfast Playing a Part Long After the Work Day Has Begun

Frittatas have long been a lunch staple. Alas, move over for omelettes and even the up-ended breakfast sandwich sliding their way onto lunch menus. Breakfast for dinner? Not just a Western omelette with toast and homefries. Rather, look for craft egg dishes with a shave or two of truffle, a drizzle of herb oil or dollop of the oh-so-on-trend compound butter. Forget not the humble pancake. Built of more bold flavors than all-purpose flour, the pancake plays the role of a gentle canvas. Think buckwheat, herbs, and protein.

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