New York City Top 25 Restaurants: September 2013

ABC Kitchen

ABC Kitchen

Congratulations to those who ranked in our first Foodable Top 25 NYC list! Scoring one of the highest social scores we've yet to rank throughout all of our tracked cities in the Restaurant Social Media Index, ABC Kitchen tops the list. Tying together healthy, organic foods and a Michelin star Chef (Jean-Georges Vongerichten), ABC Kitchen's sensory style of food art merged with social are what makes good restaurants great

This list shows which restaurants in the New York City market have the most consumer sentiment and influence through social platforms. Each month, we'll report back with the most recent rankings, which are derived from the Restaurant Social Media Index. Some will rise, some will fall, and some new competition is sure to climb through. 

The Index tracks the top restaurant consumers in the U.S. - more than 52 million of them - across 17 platforms to determine key elements about restaurants, like consumer sentiment and influence. The Foodable Top 25 is the most unique restaurant ranking in the business, and the reason is simple: It's not a PR-driven popularity contest or an editorial 'My Favorite Picks' list. It's the real deal. The Foodable Top 25 is more realistic because it's tracked by the RSMI. A Foodable Top 25 Best Score is a 200, but getting that is damn near impossible. But like any great, competitive-driven restaurant, we know you will try.

So, without further ado, we present our first-ever Foodable Top 25 for the Big Apple. Bon Appetit!


Rank Restaurant Social Score
1 ABC Kitchen 137.61
2 Marc Forgione 135.85
3 Red Rooster 133.83
4 Perilla 133.81
5 Dirt Candy 132.77
6 Kin Shop 132.75
7 Eataly 132.43
8 Bar Boulud 131.49
9 The Spotted Pig 131.21
10 Per Se 130.65
11 Balthazar Restaurant 129.71
12 Locanda Verde 129.39
13 Gramercy Tavern 128.74
14 Lure Fishbar 128.12
15 Café Boulud 127.74
16 Danji 127.15
17 The Stanton Social 125.76
18 DB Bistro Moderne 125.45
19 Esca 124.86
20 Pork Slope 124.65
21 Hearth 123.72
22 Commerce 123.61
23 Perla 119.36
24 Boulud Sud 119.12
25 Talde 119.01