Our Story

Launched in September 2013, Foodable is the brainchild of entrepreneur and restaurant industry publisher & producer Paul Barron. The dream? To design a media organization that leverages the power of social, mobile and new media content for restaurant & hospitality professionals that educates, entertains and provides unique insights not available anywhere else.

Foodable is more than just a new media company — we are combining technology, social media, content, analytics and digital agency services that are designed to reach chefs, operators and brands as the need for evolving business strategy continues to accelerate. 

Foodable not only has the largest social media audience and reach in restaurant trade, but is also the most sought after new media source for industry professionals, with dozens of shows and hundreds of episodes per year. Through Foodable Labs, viewers are provided with global insights on industry and consumer trends of the top restaurant brands — a service that surpasses any competition in the food trade media space.

With so much separation between broadcast food networks and trade media, Foodable fills the void, bringing rich, broadcast-quality production and strong editorial content to trade professionals and food enthusiasts. A hybrid of sorts, rooted in the power of big data and firsthand industry experience, Foodable WebTV Network is your backstage pass to the current and future state of all things restaurant & hospitality. 

So, go ahead. Pull up a chair and join us at the table.