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“Vegan” Polls as Least Appealing Marketing Term

Media company Morning Consult recently conducted a study on consumer trends. Among US adults, the study showed “vegan” was found to be the least appealing term used in food and beverage marketing materials.

America's First Vegan-Certified Vertical Farm Leaps Into the Future of Agriculture


Metropolis Farms prides itself in growing over two million pounds of nutritious produce — without the need for harsh chemicals or animal products.

Beyond Meat and Other Alternative Protein Companies Changing the Future of Food

We are amidst a food revolution. Today's educated consumer wants to know what exactly is in their food, where it's source, and what the nutritional information is. 

Pie Five Makes Low Carb, Gluten-Free Cauliflower Crust a Permanent Option on its Menu

The crust was going to only be available for a limited time, but after a widly successful debut, the brand has decided to make it a permanent item on its menu. 

Veggie Grill Leads the Way with New Age Food

Veggie Grill caters to a range of consumers. Learn more about how this concept's style matches the trendy Hollywood location and the creative menu that mimics diner's favorites, but with healthy ingredients and less calories. 

White Castle Adds the Plant-Based Impossible Slider to its Menu

Coined the White Castle Impossible Slider, it will be sold at 140 of the burger chains in New Jersey, New York, and the Chicago area for now, but depending on the sales, the chain may expand the menu item nationwide.

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You're Not A Vegan Restaurant, But A Few Vegan Meals Could Increase Business

Vegan is the new gluten-free and just like the trendy gluten-free diet, not all customers who are looking for plant-based menu items are doing so for health reasons. Vegan diets are clearly better for you and for the environment, but they are also trending. Not all customers who are looking for vegan options are vegans. Some customers are just interested in the cuisine or are looking for a healthy appetizer or entree to pair with menu items more appealing to their carnivorous palate.

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