10 Tips to Prepare You for the Mass Exodus of Facebook

Facebook has been dominating news headlines since CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified to Congress on the topics of data security since the scandal involving Cambridge Analytica.

Essentially, Cambridge Analytica hired a professor to create a Facebook app that collected user data. By selling the date to Cambridge Analytica, the professor violated the user agreement and Facebook responded by removing the professor’s app and demanding that he and all third parties immediately destroy the data. But up until now, it is believed that Cambridge Analytica still has some or all of the data.

Now people across the globe are understandably upset. But what does all this commotion mean for the restaurant industry? Well, as Paul explains on The Barron Report, Facebook engagement is down. This means you’ll be having a harder time connecting with your audience using the platform. Social Restaurant Visits through Facebook are also down.

But don't worry. Listen in to this special podcast from Paul Barron for tips on how to deal with the backlash and rise from the ashes.