2016 Top 100 Social Chefs


2016 Top 100 Social Chefs


There is more to chef success than the ingredients and culinary techniques found in the kitchen. As technology and the digital landscape are unfolding and bringing about a new territory in the foodservice industry, the rise of the "Social Chef" has become a progressive phenomenon.

Through major social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, chefs are connecting with visually-driven consumers and have the ability to create their own brand. The Top 100 Social Chefs 2016 Report features the culinary masterminds who do this best.  

This ranking is based on three key metrics of social consumer data, measuring a chef's score out of 300 points on food sentiment, service, and engagement. 

In this report, you will find:

  • Top 100 Social Chefs Ranking
  • Breakdown of the Top 10 Social Chefs
  • Leading culinary trends

And more!

Want to dig in deeper? Take a look at our first-ever interactive Top 100 Social Chefs guide! This guide covers the topics above, as well as leading beverage trends, a roundup of chefs across different regions in the United States, the best digital branding practices for chefs, and other rich content.

And looking to dig in even deeper? Visit Chef's Alliance, our all-new platform featuring the top 1,000 chefs and artisans in the United States, Canada, and Europe!

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