Social Insights: Issue No. 5


Social Insights: Issue No. 5


Welcome to the fifth quarterly issue of our Restaurant Social Media Index (RSMI) Social Insights Report. Built with more than 25 years of industry and domain expertise, the RSMI currently houses the largest culinary, restaurant and hospitality database in the business.

The RSMI, in operation for nearly six years, analyzes data from 17 social networks every day, from Facebook and Twitter on down. We then filter all that data through several hundred thousand industry terms to extract meaningful context into the restaurant & hospitality industry based on social consumers’ interactions.

What you get in this report:

  • Revenue growth based on location-based actions
  • Leading trends in consumer engagement, interests and actions
  • Overall sentiment of breakout food categories
  • Top 100 digital restaurant brands
  • Top 100 fast-casual brands
  • Top casual restaurant brands
  • Top QSR brands
  • Top 25 most loved restaurant brands
  • Top 25 mobile restaurant brands
  • Top 25 brands by location-based actions
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