Rock My Restaurant PRO: Premium Content

With Foodable Network’s “Rock My Restaurant”, we’ve switched up the formula to offer a premium content package. This includes 9 in-depth episodes paired with interactive elements, for purchase, that include tried-and-true expert guides, workbooks, reports and more!

Each episode, co-hosted by veteran foodservice industry consultants Bill Bender and Eric Norman, will help take your operation to the top. That's right: We're giving viewers direct access to two highly acclaimed foodservice consultants — all from the viewing pleasure of your own home, office or classroom.

“Rock My Restaurant” is the show that helps industry professionals build their restaurant from the ground up.


Check back for more episodes as they are released.

Episode 1: Core of the Brand Pt. 1

Episode 2: Core of the Brand Pt. 2

Episode 3: Basic Design for a New Brand

Episode 4: Phases of Design

Episode 5: Property Line to the Consumer

Episode 6: Team Member Experience

Episode 7: Sequence of Service

Episode 8: Introduction to TotalView

Episode 9: TotalView Best Practices Audit