San Francisco Top 25 Restaurants: July 2017

Foodable’s San Francisco Top 25 Restaurants list is back! And Bay area foodies have seven reasons to rejoice, because that’s how many new restaurants have made the list this ranking.

Although we have seen some of the Top 25 veterans, like AQ close its doors earlier this year, we are seeing some other Foodable Top 25 favorites making some moves on this month’s ranking. We are also seeing some new restaurants make the list that are from some of the most renowned restaurant groups in the country.

Quince Restaurant returns to the top three on the ranking, but this time the restaurant takes the coveted No. 1 spot. The restaurant serves Italian and French dishes with seasonal ingredients from Northern California.

At No. 2, we have another Top 25 veteran, flour + water, an Italian restaurant in the mission district that jumps from its previous ranking of No. 12. Then at No. 3, the world famous restaurant Atelier Crenn, known for Chef Dominique Crenn’s innovative modernist cuisine drops from No. 2.

As for the fresh meat, the upscale Cockscomb known for its meat-centric California fare makes its debut at the impressive No. 5 spot. Close behind at No. 6 is the French bistro Petit Marlowe, whose sister restaurant Marlowe is a Top 25 veteran. Another new restaurant at No. 8 is Petit Crenn, a French bistro that is another culinary gem by Chef Crenn. The Thai restaurant, Kin Khao joins the list at No. 14. We also welcome Old Kan Beer & Co., Barcha and Del Popolo to our list this July.

Check out the rest of the San Fran restaurants guests can’t get enough of below!

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RANK Restaurant Social Score VIDEO
1 Quince Restaurant  186.55 Play Video
2 flour + water 185.92  
3 Atelier Crenn 185.91  
4 Saison 185.61  
5 Cockscomb 185.46  
6 Petit Marlowe 185.39  
7 State Bird Provisions 185.23  
8 Petit Crenn 185.13  
9 Gary Danko 184.6  
10 Bar Agricole 184.59 Play Video
11 Slanted Door 184.12  
12 Salt House 183.69  
13 Cotogna 183.66  
14 Kin Khao 183.41  
15 Waterbar 183.33  
16 Marlowe 181.46  
17 Market & Rye 181.44  
18 Epic Roasthouse 180.56  
19 Maven 180.56  
20 B. Patisserie 180.34  
21 Old Kan Beer & Co. 180.29  
22 Barcha 180.25  
23 Del Popolo 180.23  
24 Rich Table 180.21  
25 1601 Bar & Kitchen 180.12