In America, there is an ever growing concern about the food systems that bring this necessary commodity into our lives. "Sustain" is a docutainment series that explores the growing sustainability movement that’s occurring in the restaurant industry and how some brands are actually driving change. 

The restaurant industry is one of the few industries taking a stand against poor practices because we are the decision makers. We are the cooks in the kitchen and the clientele. We are the restaurant owners and the farmers, and we care about our world, our bodies, and our minds. 

Food is so important, it gives us so much — and that is why we are invested. It’s also why the restaurant industry has the potential to be the global leader in sustainability practices. The stories are endless, the statement that can be made is instantaneous, and we have a responsibility to bring knowledge and experience to the forefront so that others can make the smart choice — the right choice.

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