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Social Superstars: The Top 25 Brands Surging in Social Restaurant Visits

Which brands are the latest socialites taking over the digital landscape? Last month, we explored the top five brands that grew in social restaurant visits during quarter one. This time, we're back and highlighting the superstar restaurant brands that shined from March to April 2017.

Apple's 'Secret' Glucose Management Tech: What Does That Mean For Diners With Diabetes?

Will an Apple a day really keep the doctors away? Apple is reportedly looking to disrupt more in personal devices other than just music players, laptops, tablets, or smart phones. A "super secret" medical project could be in the works, one that could transform the way diabetes is treated: The future of sensors to monitor blood sugar levels — without pricking skin – could be near.

The Rise of The Virtual Restaurant

According to NDP, restaurant delivery is growing fast. In fact, over the past four years, the segment has grown nearly 34 percent, which has many restaurants looking for creative ways to satisfy customers who prefer eating in to eating out. Enter the virtual restaurant. No, we’re not talking some strange virtual reality experience. 

The Obsession With Online Reviews and Why It's Hurting Your Restaurant 

Online review sites. We love them when they are kind, and we loathe them when they say less-than-flattering things about our restaurant. Research at Harvard has shown that reviews can have an impact on your sales. Get another star and boom, sales can increase 5 to 9 percent. It's easy to see why we crave positive online reviews. The problem comes when we become obsessed with them. 

Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine Talks Tech

"This year is going to be the year of technology that changes our business, and I think it's going to be the paperless face," Robert Irvine, celebrity chef and host of Food Network's "Restaurant: Impossible," said. But what other piece of technology does Irvine find influential in the industry? 

Let's Get Social: Meet The Top 5 Brands That Grew Restaurant Visits

Everything in the digital landscape may take place in a virtual reality, but those social media and mobile actions impact our actual reality. Social media and mobile, while viewed by some as a quick means of casual and fun communication, is serious business. The restaurant industry sees that firsthand.  

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Recently, a few (very few) restaurants have begun offering a fully automated, Jetson-like food experience (think eatsa). The futurism is pretty cool, but what does today’s workplace automation really look like?

Today’s Futurism

Most frequently adopted these days are self-order technologies, both at restaurant-provided kiosks and from guests’ mobile devices. Fast-casual restaurants like Panera, Starbucks, and others are providing guests with multiple service options, much like the banking industry has.

“At a bank, you can opt for traditional teller service, an ATM, a drive-thru, or online/mobile banking. Restaurants are doing the same by offering traditional counter service, ordering kiosks, touchscreen/video drive-thru, as well as online/mobile ordering. All orders are funneled to production for fulfilment and real-time inventory management,” explained Tommy Woycik, founder and president of Nextep Systems, whose tagline is “Order Food Faster.”


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