03 Future Food: Green is the New Black

Former White House Chef for the Obama Family, Sam Kass joins us today to continue our conversation on ‘Future Food’. As a Venture Capitalist and the founder of Trove Worldwide, Sam talks to Paul about how food companies are responding to not only food trends but also environmental trends.

Some links to help you follow along!

3:37 - Hampton Creek and Beyond Meat

3:56 - CPG = Consumer Packaged Goods

10:13 - Statistics About Diabetes in America

12:33 - Blue ApronPlated & Munchery

16:28 - The Catering Institute

20:47 - What is a Ghost or Virtual Restaurant?

23:03 - Climate Change

24:19 - Water Depletion

02 Future Food: The Plant Based Diet

Show host Paul talks to Helena Bottemiller Evich, senior food and agriculture reporter for "POLITICO" about the future of food. The two discuss current food trends revolving around improving nutrition and lessening the environmental impact, while addressing Tyson’s new venture capital fund and other companies making a difference like Seed 2 Growth and Beyond Meat.

01 The Barron Report

The Barron Report

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