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Industry veteran Paul Barron takes restaurant business insights to the next level. The restaurant industry isn't just the business of food. It's a cross-functioning, multivariate entity that touches almost every industry — after all, everyone needs to eat. So, why not learn from the greats from all businesses? Connect the dots, read between the lines, build innovative strategies, become a thought leader, get the inside scoop on trends and open your eyes to the full vision of restaurant and hospitality with The Barron Report.

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According to a recent study by Foodable Labs, both local and better-for-you food items are key trends that are rising in a specific group of consumers in the 25-34 demographic. These consumers are seeking more local menu items vs other demos.

Shake Shack is taking this queue from consumers seriously with their partnership with the Craft Beef curator Crowd Cow, a company focused on bringing local farmers and their artisan proteins to the foodservice markets.

On this episode of The Barron Report, Host Paul Barron speaks with Doug Radkey, strategist, consultant, speaker, author, Foodable contributor and founding partner of Key Restaurant Group. In this Skype interview, the two discuss some of the most influential decisions you will make for your restaurant.

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Marketing for 2019 is beginning to morph into a new face of digital, in person and one to one marketing that involves a variety of strategies that are improving the overall performance of restaurant operators across the country. The four P’s have been a cornerstone of measuring and developing a plan in the past around Product, Price, Place, and Promotion and today is no different.

In this episode of The Barron Report, host Paul Barron sits down with Chef Jim Berman, a longtime Foodable expert contributor, whose currently working as a corporate chef for a regional group that has six operating properties.

Tom Holt of Urbane Café, saw value in forging a partnership and decided to team up with Industry Veterans Andrew and Peggy Cherng, the co-founders of the Chinese fast food chain Panda Express, to grow the brand. Urbane Cafe has quickly become a California staple for guests seeking out high quality products at a great value.

On this episode of The Barron Report, Paul Barron speaks with Emily Wines, master sommelier & vice president of wine and beverage experiences at Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants. In this Skype interview, the two discuss the latest feat for the winery, partnering with the Screen Actors Guild Awards®, and how to utilize partnerships to increase brand awareness.

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On this episode of The Barron Report, Paul Barron is joined by Emily Wines, master sommelier & vice president of wine and beverage experiences at Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants. The two discuss wine trends, understanding your wine menu, and what bar operators and owners should expect for 2019.

On this episode of The Barron Report, Paul Barron is joined by Nancy Whiteman, founder and CEO of Wana Brands, the leading edibles company in the Colorado medical marijuana industry in terms of quality, consistency, and potency. The two discuss future innovations, laws, and potential brands entering the marijuana industry.

On this episode of The Barron Report, Paul Barron is joined by Tim Forrest, Senior Advisor and CEO of Tim Forrest Consulting, to discuss the latest trends in restaurant real estate and how an operator should select a site.

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On this episode of The Barron Report, we are in the studio with Ted Rubin, social media strategist, speaker, and author of several books, including “The Age of Influence: Selling to the Digitally Connected Consumer” to talk social media marketing strategy in the ever-changing digital landscape.

On this episode of the Barron Report Live, host Paul Barron discusses which wing-focused restaurant brand is taking on pizza for the next Super Bowl, the fire sale of Diageo’s liquor brands, and how Sweetgreen becoming the next food unicorn in the fast casual industry.

Paul Barron is joined by Chief Marketing Officer of Pei Wei, Brandon Solano, to discuss Pei Wei’s clean-label initiative and supply chain challenges that go along with it.

According to Foodable labs data, the number of restaurant closures is a record high. Social Restaurant Visits (SRVs) are down significantly, meaning restaurant traffic is slow.

Listen to the podcast above as Paul Barron explains the data showing that third-party delivery growth may be tied to restaurant failures.

Paul Barron is joined by President & CEO of Bellacosa Wine, Dan Cohn, in our live podcast studio set to discuss current wine trends and Cohn’s groundswell tactics.

Paul Barron discusses with KITU Life Founder, Jordan DeCicco, the specialty beverage market, and how he provided a solution to a gap in the specialty beverage market at such a young age.

Jen VanDewater, Vice President of Health and Authenticity at Rich Products Corporation, sits down with our host Paul Barron to discuss how a large company like Rich’s is addressing concerns over clean labeling and authenticity in their products, among other topics.

Paul Barron speaks with CEO, Kim Sanchez Rael and Chief Creative Officer, Ron Silver of Azuca, on how their company’s unique technology is developing the latest CBD Trends.

Paul Barron speaks with Jordan Gaspar, co-founder of AccelFoods, and Susan Chen, CEO of Soozy’s, a frozen, gluten-free baked good product company that has partnered with the female-led venture capitalist group in order to grow its business.

Paul Barron sits down with Hunter Pond, CEO of East Hampton Sandwich Co. to learn how this concept came to be and made its way to become the top Sandwich Innovator concept from our free Top 50 Sandwich Innovator Report.

Amazon plans to open up to 3,000 of its cashier-less Amazon Go convenience stores by the year 2021, according to a recent report from Bloomberg. The tech giant's brick-and-mortar concept Amazon Go currently has three stores open, two in Seattle and one in Chicago.

When the meal kit first came into existence, customers lined up to try this new and innovative system that fulfilled the desire for a high-quality meal without the restaurant price tag. Once the idea gained popularity, meal kit companies began popping up, claiming to have the best meal kit on the market. Slowly but surely, these companies starting shutting down as the market became oversaturated.

The 'FairKitchens' movement 's mission is to empower chefs and foodservice leaders to create a culture within their operations to facilitate a positive, sustainable workplace. 

According to the National Restaurant Association, it is estimated that 70 percent of customers will be ordering food off of restaurant premises by 2020. Foodable Labs has identified that catering order interest has increased 32.5 percent in the past year with the Top 100 restaurant chains.

Restaurant Employment Lawyer Lexington Wolf joins Paul on another episode to break down the hiring process and everything you need to know about how to legally interact with candidates. 

Paul Barron sits down with Julie Altobello Senior Marketing Manager of Health and Authenticity at Rich Products Corporation to discuss plant-based trends, sectors driving trend growth, and how the plant-based trend looks like across different age cohorts.

Lexington Wolff is a restaurant employment lawyer. After litigating a number of restaurant cases, she noticed that many of the lawsuits could have been easily avoided had the restaurant just been better informed. Paul asks Lexi your burning law questions around pay practices and sexual harassment. 

Using science, Ethan Brown developed a plant protein burger that has been lauded for its incredible performance as an imitation beef burger. In this episode, Paul talks to Brown about the growing demand for plant-based "meats" and Beyond Meat’s future plans for expansion and distribution.

On this episode of The Barron Report, brought to you by Off-Premise Insights, Paul talks to a different type of hospitality professional. Steve Nygren is the founder of Serenbe, a community that has been described as a “Utopian experiment.”

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On this episode of The Barron Report recorded at Foodable.io, brought to you by Kabbage, we get to discuss how Generation Z, or Gen Z for short, is becoming the market that really matters as this segment of the population continues to grow. 

On this special episode of The Barron Report recorded at Foodable.io, Guest Host Donald Burns navigates us through this discussion of where technology could take the industry over the next decade. How will online, mobile, Social, AR and more affect the business of the future?

With 7 different brands under the Agricole Hospitality umbrella, owners Morgan Weber and Ryan Pera are starting to get a knack for building top quality teams. From constantly interviewing to patiently grooming their team, this organization has unlocked some key attributes of a successful brand. 

Panther Coffee's co-founder Joel Pollock joins Paul Barron to discuss coffee trends  and dive into the impact the Miami-based specialty coffee roaster brand has had in South Florida. 

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Brands like Tupelo Honey are completely revamping what it means to be a casual dining chain, raising the bar for restaurants everywhere. Paul Barron talks to the Tupelo team about how to scale local sourcing and what role marketing and social media play in spreading the word about their concept. 

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CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been testifying to Congress this week on the topics of data security and how the social media giant has been trying to improve. But how is all this bad press affecting restaurants? Paul Barron explains.

Ever find yourself wondering what laws affect restaurant operators? How about laws governing the opening of new restaurants? On this episode, Paul speaks to Lawyer A.J. Yolofsky about what operators need to concern themselves with before starting their own restaurant concept.

Paul Barron analyzes a ton of Foodable Labs data around Millennials and Generation Z who are causing major shakeups in the restaurant industry. Listen in to pick up some top quality insights into how to win with this major market segment. 

Patrick Bultema and FoodMaven have been working to completely optimize food distribution systems in Colorado to reduce food waste which is a win-win for producers, restaurateurs, food manufacturers, food banks, and the environment.

Brandon Chrostowski created Edwin’s, a restaurant staffed entirely by formerly incarcerated adults, after having his own run in with the law. Filmmaker Thomas Lennon was lucky enough to follow him and his staff on their mission to open the restaurant in just 6-weeks, creating Oscar Nominated “Knife Skills.” 

Business and management guru Rudy Miick joins Paul Barron to discuss the many changes our industry has seen in recent years and how to combat challenges with exceptional leadership.

Shake Shack CEO Randy Garutti joins host Paul Barron to analyze Shake Shack's growth over the past few years and what has made them stand out.

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In the midst of creating a better “puff”, Hippeas has set out to change the landscape of consumer packaged goods from flavor to supply chain. Paul talks to consumer entrepreneur and CEO of Hippeas, Livio Bisterzo about the future of consumer packaged goods.

With top chefs like Todd English and John Besh being exposed for inappropriate behavior, the business community is concerned. To better serve our community, Foodable spoke to HR Guru Carrie Luxem to deliver the best information to you about how to manage these types of claims in your business and, better yet, how to stop them from happening in the first place.

Native to Greece, Georgos Zanganas had a rude awakening when he had a couple glasses of wine in the States to find it left him with a terrible headache. Realizing what made Greek wine special, Georgos set out to bring Greek wine to America.

Finnish vodka brand Koskenkorva is gaining traction in the United States. Marketing Director for father company Altia, Suvi Reinikkala, outlines the brands authentic nature and how that feature fits in so well in American culture today.

Olo’s Noah Glass illustrates the future of delivery and online ordering and advises legacy restaurants to start re-thinking their operations and restaurant design in response to changing consumer dining habits.

Paul Barron and Evan Kuo, CEO of Pythagoras Pizza, dissect the current state of cryptocurrency before diving into Kuo's new proposal.

Paul Barron and Generation Z expert David Stillman analyze the rise of Generation Z's influence on the restaurant industry.  

After crunching the numbers Host Paul Barron outlines his predictions for how Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods will impact food away from home.

What is a lifestyle brand? Paul Barron and Justin Rosenberg, CEO of honeygrow, discuss how restaurant brands can go the extra mile to connect with their community. 

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Sara Brito of the Good Food 100 chats with Foodable host Paul about the Good Food Movement and how it's making an impact on the industry.

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Sam Kass, former White House chef for the Obama Family joins host Paul to discuss how food companies are responding to not only food trends, but also environmental trends.

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Paul talks to Helena Bottemiller Evich, senior food and agriculture reporter for "POLITICO" about the future of food.

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On The Barron Report, Paul connects with other top minds in the industry to discuss the restaurant and hospitality business, predict trends, and read between the lines to get a clearer view of the industry.