&pizza Serves Up a Fresh Slice of Innovation 

In this episode of "Fast Casual Nation," Paul Barron visits &pizza in Washington, D.C., to sit with &pizza founder Michael Lastoria, wwho tells us why he chose the pizza space as his fourth startup business (and first restaurant brand), how his branding background has played a huge part in &pizza, and what the concept is doing that’s completely different than what its competitors are doing.

How to Better Your Breakfast and Brunch Service

The desire for all-day breakfast foods has the brunch demand blowing up. There are so many options that it's become just as dizzying for the operators offering the brunch as it is for guests enjoying it. The days of “special occasion only” brunches are not over. They are alive and strong but are now competing with a pack of brunch-providing establishments that aren’t asking for the hefty buy-in. 

Analyzing a Trend: Breakfast Breaks Away From Morning

Breakfast has expanded out of the morning hours and is showing up around the clock in restaurants and at home. It is the only daypart with ties to clinical health research. More recently, there has been health research linking breakfast consumption to weight loss, which will cause the trend to lengthen its lifecycle. Breakfast traffic research is also an indicator of economic conditions. 

To Follow or Not to Follow a Trend? 4 Tips to Help You Decide

All trends seem to plateau sooner rather than later, but few ride along in full force before something takes its place or someone slanders its status. All types of foodservice outlets need to take note of trends and why they rise and fall. Quick-service, full service, fine dining, and caterers are all subjected to reviews as customers are quick to judge as soon as they read over your menu.

Pastry Chef at Michael's Genuine Dishes on Seasonal Desserts

Dessert remains a favorite even for grownups. Roughly one third of guests order dessert when dining out. So it’s safe to say that many consumers can’t resist a sweet after dinner treat, especially when it’s in a mini portioned dessert. Like appetizers and entrees, desserts are (and have always been) often dependent on the seasons. More restaurants are determining their menu solely based on the ingredients in season. 

How Polished Casual Brands Blur the Lines Between Segments 

Even though segments like quick-serve and fast casual are being elevated with a better quality of food and service, consumers often look for something more than decent food and pricing when it comes to their dining experience. They want the whole package — a high-level of service and food, along with a comfortable atmosphere. With that in mind, we have noticed a sub-segment emerge in the industry.

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No Rules in Dining: What Big Trends Will We See Next?

By Jim Berman, Foodable Industry Expert

Upscale chefs playing down-scale roles. Fast-fooding of the eclectic palate. What is next for this "No Rules" era of dining? Edison lights, shrunken menus, refreshingly loud music, and shareable plates are de rigueur. So, where are you going?

Breakfast Playing a Part Long After the Work Day Has Begun

Frittatas have long been a lunch staple. Alas, move over for omelettes and even the up-ended breakfast sandwich sliding their way onto lunch menus. Breakfast for dinner? Not just a Western omelette with toast and homefries. Rather, look for craft egg dishes with a shave or two of truffle, a drizzle of herb oil or dollop of the oh-so-on-trend compound butter. Forget not the humble pancake. Built of more bold flavors than all-purpose flour, the pancake plays the role of a gentle canvas. Think buckwheat, herbs, and protein.

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