Valerie Killifer


As a professional journalist for more than 19 years, Valerie has been lucky enough to share in the tragedies and triumphs of the people and businesses that create the worldwide community. Her experiences have taught her about leadership, transformation, and transition - both personally and professionally—that serve as the foundation for helping others. 

Valerie is the editor of Catering Insights and for more than 19 years, she has met business objectives by planning, creating and revising quality written content for individuals and businesses alike, getting their content published in The Huffington Post, Hospitality Technology, Pizza Today, FSR magazine,, and more. 

Valerie is the host of Foodbable's Podcast "The Takeout, Delivery, and Catering Show"—designed to provide you, the operator, with strategies and insights that will help you leverage your brand and make your off-premise initiatives smart, fast, and profitable.